Friday, October 14, 2011

Shaft Funk

An update of randomness of sorts:

1. Greg, Locker 29 is running his first EVER half marathon this weekend and has been training wicked hard. So, go wish him luck! Greg, I'll be cheerin' you on from the Butte tomorrow!!!

2. Shamus signed up for his first half for Funderson's Vegas birthday bonanza and he did his first run with the CB Mountain Runners group. One of the ladies that was timing asked if his beard was for real as he came into the finish...he he.

3. Beca and I ran a loop that I've never done and the leaves were just changing. I'm just realizing how long it's been since a real post, sorry friends. The loop, 19 miles, but we questioned if it's actually more around 21, was called Reno, Flag, Bear, Deadman' the time we were running down the last we kind of felt as the trail, aptly named. Here are some photos of our day:

Bombadil and his sister, Scade.  No Natty Bratty because she ate something that made her ill.

The times and the colors, they are a changin'

Our view from the icy creek bath

4.  My sister came to visit from her Idaho home.  It had been over a year since I saw her last and it was BRILLIANT.  I didn't realize how much I needed a sister hug and chat.  We ran together, which I say loosely because she is super fast.  We picked apples, made applesauce, eggplant tapenade and a CRAP ton of sauerkraut.  I didn't get any photos while she was here either...LAME.

5.  Beca and I ran Deer Creek out and back on the perfect day and didn't see ANYONE.  It was actually kind of eerie and we were wondering if the Butte had been taken over by zombies, but all is well.

First lights' rays

The tree tops were aglow 

Electric aspen leaves at Jackson's Wash

6.  We are moving in two weeks and I am realizing, as I do every time we've moved, that we have entirely too much JUNK.

Have a wonderful weekend to you all!

Song of the day - Gramatik ~ Shaft Funk

No words just super awesomeness


Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Realms of Gold

Song of the day - Hopewell ~ Realms of Gold

This band is from the town of Hopewell Junction, New York and the lead singer's voice is somewhat reminiscent to me of Jane's Addiction. The Pant's have been BUSY and I will post some fun updates, but I want to read what you all have been up to first.


Thursday, October 6, 2011

Big Empty

Song of the day - Stone Temple Pilots ~ Big Empty

This was the first song that I slow-danced with a boy to and I was smitten...with STP not the boy. On a side note, it is SNOWING, white-out conditions outside in the Butte today...what the hug?


Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Don't Owe You A Thing

Song of the day - Gary Clark Jr. ~ Don't Owe You a Thing

They compare this fellow to Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughn, and I can see why. Good stuff!


Monday, September 26, 2011

I'm Shipping Up To Boston

Song of the day - Dropkick Murphy's ~ I'm Shipping Up to Boston

I'm not really, but a good Monday tune.


Thursday, September 22, 2011

A little bit o' this...

Song of the day - Nirvana ~ Lithium

I've used Nirvana once before, but heard a piece on NPR this AM about Kurt and just had to share.

Here's a few of the highlights from the Pant's world (party time, excellent):

  • I came home from Funderson and I's Aspen Adventure! and was stoked to tell Shamus about my bear tale, but he says "I got one better for you."  He sure did too, he saw a mountain lion!  A juvenile, it was walking below him on a trail as he was on the road.  He said at first it didn't even notice he was there and then just took off running.  So, what does any self-respecting, hairy mountain man do?  Run after get one more peak of course.  Crazy cat, I tell you what.

  • It was like Christmas this week, our local radio station KBUT was selling their excess CD's, premium $2 and others 4/ $1....holy hannah, I was in hog heaven.

  • My friend, Beca and I had a mini Adventure this past weekend.  I planned out a loop and we started at about 7 am.  It was chilly and the fog was thick.  It stayed long enough that we even got above it:
Midway up Gunsight Pass looking out across the Slate River Valley

Like waves crashing up on shore, looking back towards the Butte

We ran some serious ups and then took a trail that takes off to the West about 3/4 of a mile from the top of the Pass.  I'd never been on this trail and the map said "faint trail."  It was quite faint, possibly nonexistent in places.  I know for my UK friends that's just a walk in the park, but we are spoiled rotten in Colorado : )  It had snowed and that didn't help matters.  So, our feet and the dogs were WET.  We continued to climb in elevation and knew the general direction we should be heading, so onward and upward.  We came to the bowl below Star Pass and the trail vanished like smoke through our bare hands.  So, we determined where the Pass was and just started up the hill(s).  As I am sloooooowwwwly making my way up the hill, my super great brat, Natty, knocked a rock the size of an anvil off the cliff above and slightly to the right of my path up.  Nice Natty, nice. 

The low spot in between the two ridges in the middle of the photo is Star Pass where we crossed.  
 I would have taken a photo at the top of the Pass, but after bush whacking up to the top we looked down at a wicked steep trail covered with 4-6 inches of snow.  We were frozen popsicles  and thought we best get a move on.  Move on we did, partially on my bum, but I have no shame.

Mt. Owen

Beca as we had just found a real trail, WHOOPA!

Hope that you all are having a wonderful week!


Monday, September 19, 2011

We Are Free Now

Song of the day - Enya ~ We Are Free Now

A lovely song


Friday, September 16, 2011

The Rain

As it's been raining off and on for a week and we woke up with snow on the peaks yesterday, I thought that this song was appropriate...

Song of the day - K-os ~ The Rain



Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Electric Feel

Funderson and I had an ADVENTURE! over the weekend and ran to Aspen over West Maroon Pass. You see as the crow flies, we are only about 12 miles away, but to drive in a normal, non-4WD car it takes you ~3 hours.  She had won a gift certificate last year at a race we did and it was about to expire.  We just couldn't have that.  So, we each packed a bag, slightly larger than a camel back and looked like hobos.

Her LF had to be up for a cross country meet in Leadville any way. So, we left at the arse crack of dawn to get up to Schofield Pass near where the trailhead is. We left at 6:50 AM from the trailhead and started on our way.

Aaaannnnd we're off, frost still on the flowers even.

A lovely Funderson and view

I don't remember why this face, but pay no attention because the flowers are still fabulous.  I took my gloves off because my hands got hot and then they were FREEZING, but I just said sooner or later they'll warm up when we get to the sunshine.  It chased us up the trail and we didn't actually get into the sun until we were at the top of the pass 2 hours after we started...DOH!

Funderson's enthusiasm at the top of the pass.

The brush was nearly as tall as we were in spots and we were mildly concerned about running smack dab into a bear.  Someone pointed out later that it was a moose that we should be more concerned with.

Down at Maroon Lake on the Aspen side with the Bell's in back of us.

So, we made it across and into Aspen, via the bus, in about 4 hours.  Now, we were in search of the all important BEER.  Funderson mentioned about 3/4 of the way down that a beer sounded darn good and that's all we could focus on.  I think we must've been looking in all of the wrong places, but we couldn't find a plain old bar????  We initially found cocktail-y places, wine and espresso, which just weren't right.  Finally, we walked up to the greeter at a place called "Junk" and said "Do you have beers?"  Classy gals, I know...  They did, hooray!  Funderson had her first EVER Red Stripe followed closely by the second sitting on the outdoor patio and a load of chips and guac, perfect.

We meandered our way through the town and found our humble abode to check in.  They did not have a hot tub, but did have a pool.  So, as we packed swimmers all the way from the Butte on our backs, we donned the suits and much to our surprise the pool was...HEATED.  One giant hot tub.  I can't even imagine the energy wastage of such a thing, but put it out of my mind and enjoyed a soak.

After our soak, we got gussied up and ready for our swank-a-bank dinner.  I did not get a photo of us, but we looked ab fab.  The only bummer was that we had to use our ziploc bags as "purses" as the hobo satchel would not allow for such frivolity.  Dinner was AMAZING: beet spring salad with goat cheese beignets, bison tartar, striped bass.  It is the beginning of Aspen's off-season, as well, and to our surprise we were the ONLY people in the place.  We figured that this helped us out in not getting kicked out for being dirty Butte girl hippies.

Snoop Dogg was playing at the Belly UP, a kick-arse music venue in Aspen.  We however did NOT have tickets, but walked by a big bus outside the Belly UP and gave a shout out to the D O double G.  We got back to the hotel and were asleep by 9:30, crazy cats I tell you what.  The walls were a wee bit thin and heard some conversations going on here and there, but woke up raring to go.

We caught the buses up to the trailhead with only one cuckoo magoo tour guide-ish bus driver to liven up the journey.

We started the return journey and not two miles in I heard a rustle in the bush to my left.  I told myself c'mon Jess it's just another chipmunk, you don't have to look at every one.  I DID look and it was NOT at chipmunk.  It was a bear cub.  As my eyes gazed higher, there was another, but I couldn't find the mom...cripes.  I turn to Funderson pointing up the hill saying in a whisper "bear."  She sees and our eyes were as big as saucers.  Again, no photos because we quietly high-tailed it out of there.  The mother was in fact there, I just couldn't see her right where I was standing.  No grumbling from her whatsoever though.  This is pretty amazing any time to see one, but the trail was already quite busy and to be there right at that moment made us both feel very lucky.  We also saw a porcupine, but weren't nearly as excited.  I did in fact try to pull out the camera, but was having a wardrobe malfunction and couldn't get the zipper on my pocket open.  There was NO WAY I was climbing into the bush after the buggar either...

We were quite worried about the rain, but only got sprinkled on a handful of times. 

The "pass" and in hindsight the bison tartar may not have been the best "fuel" the night before such an ADVENTURE!
A truly wonderful weekend!

Song of the day - MGMT ~ Electric Feel

LOVE this song

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Alabama Pines

Song of the day - Jason Isbell and The 400 Unit

Former Drive By Truckers member, this album is sort of bluesy, but this song in particular is a bit more country. Enjoy!


Monday, September 12, 2011

Muddy Bottom Blues

Song of the day - Tab Benoit ~ Muddy Bottom Blues

This fellow played a free show on the mountain earlier this summer and was FANTASTIC. If you haven't checked him out, you should. Funderson and I had a wicked fun ADVENTURE! this weekend and I'll write later when time allows. Have a good week!


Thursday, September 8, 2011

Last Dance

Song of the day - The Ravonettes ~ Last Dance

Kind of poppy, but thought it was an appropriate song for fall somehow, as the HEAT was turned on at work yesterday!?!


Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Honey where you been so long...

Well, I'm sorry to have dropped off the face of the earth for a time. I AM still here just busy, which who's not, but blogging got lost in the shuffle of craziness.
 Here's some of what I've been up to:
  • Shamus is an electrician by day, but also is a ranch manager, which can at times utilize my skills mowing and weed eating, not so much cage fighting and nun-chucks.  This combined with working and running = busy bees.
  • The USA Pro Cycling Challenge rolled through Crested Butte for Stage One of the race and I was lucky enough to be a course marshal.  Road racing is something I've never experienced and the crowds energy was just mind-blowing.  I was at one of the corners and they had given us colors of jerseys to watch for...please, it was just like a rainbow blur as they zoomed passed!  The only rogues on the course were one loose dog and a half naked guy wearing only a Rod Stewart t-shirt riding a bike, but with the Butte I wouldn't expect any less.   
  • Ran a portion of the Monarch Crest Trail with my pal, Hurricane:

She is an ANIMAL and I look like an amazon woman next to her...

  • This accompanies many other fun runs, as we must pack all the trails in that we can NOW before the vicious s- word comes back to haunt us!
  • Finally, when time allows we have been able to do a bit of light reading:
Awe jeez, mum...

Song of the day - Davina and the Vagabonds ~ Ain't Misbehavin'

I believe this is actually just Davina and not the Vagabonds, but am digging her old timey voice and just had to let you all know that I haven't been misbehaving.


Friday, August 19, 2011

Bohemian Funkman

Song of the day - Johnny Five ~ Bohemian Funkman

Maybe an update this weekend, hope that you all are well!


Thursday, August 18, 2011

So Into You

Song of the day - Atlanta Rhythm Section ~ So Into You

Great tune, hope that YOU are having a wonderful week!


Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Look at Stars

Song of the day - SBTRKT featuring Sampha ~ Look at Stars

This one gets you moving.


Monday, August 15, 2011


Song of the day - The Kills ~ Wait

A good tune for a Monday...


Thursday, August 11, 2011

Twenty Toes in the Sand

Song of the day - Forest Sun with Ingrid Serban ~ Twenty Toes in the Sand

A toe-tapping adventure for listening on your front porch kind of tune...


Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Random Mix of Goodness...or crap?

Well, continuing with yesterday's update of sorts, here is some additional goings-on at the Pants household:

  • Had a flat on my townie halfway to work on Monday, but now in turn have some sweet white walls:

  • Shamus and I hiked over the weekend to Angel Pass in Poverty Gulch (which I know to most of you means nothing, but I still have to share.  One of the most spectacular views I have experienced in some time.  Here are some snippets of the ADVENTURE!:

Top of Angel Pass looking down to Marcellina and Middle Anthracite Creek

Me to Shamus "Why did you bring your ice axe?"  Shamus "Because I knew you'd be a pansy when we had to cross the snowfields."  Me to Shamus "I'll give you a pansy."  I WAS a nervous nelly, but seriously not a pansy.

Super bratters

Right up the middle behind Shamus is where Angel Pass sits

A view of the snowfield before climbing up it and saying frick a frack

At the saddle with Cascade behind me
  • I volunteered answering phones for the pledge drive for our local radio station KBUT last night, which is an AWESOME little station.  You can listen online if you need something during the day.  Someday, I will DJ on there...I will keep you posted.

Song of the day - James McMurtry ~ Choctaw Bingo

How could you not tap your toe to this...


Tuesday, August 9, 2011


It has been a busy couple of weeks, but such is summer.  Here's a little of what I've been up to:

  • We went to see out friend's bambino in Denver, Kamuel.  He is one of the cutest little fellow's I've ever seen.  My photography skills are not as good as my cage fighting skills, as you can see, but he WAS also very sleepy.

  • My two remaining grandparents passed away in the span of a week and a half.  It was time, but you are never ready for the call to come.  Much love to them both.
  • Funderson and I volunteered to be on top of Mt. CB for the Summit Hike an event for Living Journey's a local organization that raises money for cancer.  My first time up on the lift and thanks be to Funderson for chatting me up because I was NERVOUS!  We had a great time and talked with folks as they summited and then returned down.  Here are some photos:
Funderson and I at the tippy top.  We carried our sack lunches all the way to the top.

The trail coming up to where we were stationed.

The wildflowers were RIDICULOUS.  Skunk cabbage and larkspur as tall as we were...and we are quite tall.

  • Ran to the top of Gunsight Pass, which can be seen in the middle here.  

To the left Scarps Ridge, to the right Red Lady and behind some wicked clouds.

Song of the day - My Morning Jacket ~ Golden

This song is just magically melodic.


Monday, August 8, 2011

Platypus Strut

Song of the day - Ohmega Watts ~ Platypus Strut

Awesome! I have some fun photos to come from weekends passed. Hope that you had a lovely weekend!


Thursday, August 4, 2011

Hold Tight

Song of the day - Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich ~ Hold Tight!

Great movie and tune


Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A little bluegrassy motown...

Song of the day - Run C&W ~ What'd I Say/Superstition/Stop in the Name of Love

Superstition starts at around 2 minutes, never thought I'd hear a bluegrass version of any of these songs.


Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Pieces Of The Night

Song of the day - Gin Blossoms ~ Pieces of the Night

Haven't heard these fellows for a minute.


Friday, July 29, 2011


Song of the day - J-Live featuring Kola Rock ~ Listening

In my opinion Kola steals this song with her floetry. Happy Friday.


Thursday, July 28, 2011

Don't Worry About Me

Song of the day - Sachal Vasandani ~ Don't Worry About Me

A voice as smooth as buttah, a capella. Beauty!


Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Duel With a So(u)l

Song of the day - A Forest Mighty Black ~ Duel With a So(u)l

This is from this German group's first album Mellowdramatic and you can hear the influence of Brazil in their acid jazz.


Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Love Me Tender

My grandmother passed away yesterday.  She had been sick for quite some time with a combination of ailments, but even still you are never quite 100% ready to get the call.  So, here are some fun memories that I will hold close to my heart of my grandmother, Elizabeth Jean:

  • Friday night sleepovers at their house when I was just a wee one eating popcorn on a blanket on the floor watching "Wheel of Fortune."  Then, waking up in the middle of the night and getting sick because I ate too much popcorn.
  • She was an AMAZING pie maker, but one time I recall her grabbing grapes out of the freezer thinking they were blueberries for a pie.  I thought she was going to smack my grandpa when he asked if blueberries had seeds until she realized what she had done.
  • As most women did, she'd get her hair done once per week, but we'd always look at her like she was a bionic woman and couldn't figure how her hair stayed that way. 
  • She was quite an accomplished skeet shooter and had a number of trophies.
  • Words that will always just remind me of her: davenport, afghan, pawpaw.

    I was lucky enough to have both grandmothers present at Shamus and I's wedding.
  • She was one of many who swooned for Mr. Presley.  So, today Elvis is singing for you my Grandma Lisa.

Song of the day - Elvis ~ Love Me Tender


Monday, July 25, 2011


Song of the day - Son Volt ~ Drown

This was their "popular" tune, but they have so many. A goodie for Monday.


Thursday, July 21, 2011

Come Home

Song of the day - Back Door Slam ~ Come Home

Fella can play a good guitar.


Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Foolish Fool

Song of the day - Sublime ~ Foolish Fool

Such a shame, Bradley, a good little band.


Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Enjoy The Sun

Song of the day - Theophilus London ~ Enjoy the Sun

Please do and have a lovely Tuesday!


Sunday, July 17, 2011

Grin & Bear It

Yesterday, it was the annual Crested Butte Mountain Runners' Grin and Bear It Run.  Here's the description from their website:
This course involves a good hill climb on the course from Crested Butte to Green Lake under Mt Axtell and back. Distance is 9 miles with 1600' vertical on single track trails and dirt roads.

Their "good hill climb" is no joke.  The first time Funderson took me on this trail I remember rounding the corner from the single track to old jeep road and just laughing out loud at the steepness of the hill.  Nothing like a good kick in the pants!!!  This is one of many fun trail runs that we get to partake in as part of the group.  Great vibes out on the trail and lots of smiles on a sunny day.  The actual Green Lake is the turn around point at the top of the trail and has been annihilated by a massive (or multiple) avalanches.  Sorry no photos, didn't want to carry it, next time I promise.  Trees just buckled over like toothpicks and a large island in the middle of the lake with snow/ice/trees/debris.  Absolutely beautiful day and ended with a little cookout and a cool beverage:

Rebekah and I post run...can't believe she'd stand next to me I smelled so dreadful.

Song of the day - Empire of the Sun ~ Walking on a Dream

"We are always running for the thrill of it, thrill of it.  Always pushing up the hill searching for the thrill of it..."  Swwwweeeet runnin' tune.


Pass Fail

Last weekend (I'm wicked behind, I know), Shamus and I traversed up Cement Creek and I had planned about a 16 mile loop, but Mother Nature hadn't really been cooperating and seemed to not want to that day either.  I ran the road up nearly to the end and split off on a single track called the Crystal Peak Trail.  It climbs up, up and up to:

They look so close you could touch them, but they are a ways off.
This is where the trail splits to the right and goes up to Mount Tilton:

Someday,  I will do this trail up yonder.

 Crystal Peak to the left:
Trail = wicked steep

or left and down a bit is Star Pass:

The cornice that denied my passage, double rat farts.

As you can see,  it was in no short supply.

The weather was turning foul just at that moment (great time to be at the top of a 12,277 ft. peak).  So, I high-tailed it back down the way I came and ran the road, which was just as lovely and the sun even popped out towards the end.

Song of the day - The Why Store ~ Lack of Water

Although there wasn't a lack of it last weekend, still a great tune.  Some of you midwesterners may recognize this, group is from Indy and I have had a pint or two with this fellow at The Slippery Noodle.  Unique voice...


Friday, July 15, 2011

Just A Friend

Song of the day - Biz Markie ~ Just A Friend

Something of substance shall come this weekend, my friends, but for now a little old school for ya...


Monday, July 11, 2011


Song of the day - Vampire Weekend ~ A-Punk

Hey, hey, hey...have a good Monday!


Thursday, July 7, 2011


Song of the day - Traffic ~ Rock and Roll Stew

A little batch of stew for Shamus' birthday among a sea of 364 un-birthdays.


Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Message From The Law

Song of the day - Sic Alps ~ Message From the Law

A lively tune for a Tuesday on a Wednesday.


Tuesday, July 5, 2011

My Mind Is Ramblin'

Here are some firsts and goings-on around the Pants household:
  • First ever run with Shamus, he's bloody fast...brat.  I look forward to many more.
  • Received "Relentless Forward Progress," by Bryon Powell in the mail and am excited to start reading.  Also, received my first issue of Ultrarunning magazine in the mail, which was a gift from Funderson.  As an aside, there is an great article about ultra runners in the UK, which I feel lucky to have found a wicked group of fell runner bloggers to hear first hand accounts of these amazing races they are doing (running through bogs, up mountains, all while orienteering?!?!) and what they are up to day to day.  Here are just a few you should give them a read:
  • First mosquito bite of the summer followed by's just silly my arms looks like a I have chicken pox.  I saw them all hovering one of the water crossings on my run today, but didn't even realize until I got home that they kept a chunk of me.  
  • I went into the local hardware/gas station and asked about a car wash and they said that they were half price because only half of the scrubbers were working...I'm a bargain shopper, but really.
  • I'm able to ride my bike, 1960's Schwinn townie with grandma seat and basket, into work again, which is AWESOME. 
  • First pink elephant flower of the season, one of my favorites:
  • I've started my new job and LOVE it!  I don't think I realized just how bored I was with the other until now, but am so appreciative.  I am having an adjustment period as my schedule has changed a bit, but will get into the groove.
  • Friday was my first day in three years to have insurance followed closely by yesterday which was my first paid holiday three years.  I appreciate it that much more as it's been a while.
  • First digger of the year on Saturday trying to cross a log to get to Long Lake followed by number two yesterday coming down the Upper Upper trail...Ouch!
  • First EVER swim in Long Lake, which was perfect, refreshing and all around lovely time with Funderson and LF.
  • I've been running and in hog heaven with the trails.  Enjoying those that are already open and pining away for those that are still snowed in.
  • Shamus hiked Whetstone a mountain right across the way from our house...
Natty climbing the ridge to the peaks

Song of the day - The Black Keys ~ My Mind Is Ramblin'


Thursday, June 30, 2011


Song of the day - Surfer Blood ~ Swim

An ode to Funderson and I's weekend plan of swimming in Long Lake, as each time I hear this song I think of the beach. Here's to our little beach with cold snow melt water goodness!
Also, as I've promised Chris K. I will post something of worth soon and look forward to catching up on all of your blog tales as well!


Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Custard Pie

Song of the day - Led Zeppelin ~ Custard Pie

A little Led for your head on a Tuesday.


Monday, June 27, 2011

Sucked Out

Song of the day - Superdrag ~ Sucked Out


Saturday, June 25, 2011

Acid Raindrops

Song of the day - People Under the Stairs ~ Acid Raindrops

The last two weeks have been busy, busy and I've had to change my schedule around. So, I've missed my blogging pals and been slack with the songs, but for those who dig I'll be better this week! Hope you all are having a WONDERFUL weekend!


Thursday, June 23, 2011

Fisherman's Blues

Song of the day - The Waterboys ~ Fisherman's Blues

Classic, I realized I played another song with blues in the title earlier in the week, but have no fear I'm quite a happy lady!


Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Harlem River Blues

Song of the day - Justin Townes Earle ~ Harlem River Blues

He's got an incredible "old" country sounding he's wearing a bow tie.


Sunday, June 19, 2011

Trap Shut

I have been hearing faint whispers through town that Deer Creek Trail was ready.  So, yesterday I decided to give it a go and ready it was.  I didn't go all the way down into the town of Gothic because the last little bit of trail is a bit of a bore.  So, round trip was about 21 miles as I parked at the West Brush Creek split.  Also, I actually remembered my camera.  So, I'm going to keep my trap shut (for the most part) and let you enjoy the sights that I saw:

Trailhead for Deer Creek

Still some snow patches in the first section of the trail

Gothic Mountain...doesn't it just look like a beast?

Du na lu na lu wa, wa, wa (western movie sound), entering no man's land

Glacier lilies and skunk cabbage, one of those days when it almost hurts your eyes it's so bright with color.
One of about 18 water crossings, as it was an out and back I got to cross them all twice.  ADVENTURE!

Back up through the aspen, I swore I smelled a bear here, but it never found me if it was near.

Signs of just JP

A crooked bunch

In case you were a bit lost.

This is a big wash that gives me vertigo as the trail runs right atop it.

Mount Crested Butte's behind

Lupine and larkspur on Brush Creek Road on the drive home
Happy Father's Day to all of you pops out there, hope that your day is just lovely!