Friday, October 14, 2011

Shaft Funk

An update of randomness of sorts:

1. Greg, Locker 29 is running his first EVER half marathon this weekend and has been training wicked hard. So, go wish him luck! Greg, I'll be cheerin' you on from the Butte tomorrow!!!

2. Shamus signed up for his first half for Funderson's Vegas birthday bonanza and he did his first run with the CB Mountain Runners group. One of the ladies that was timing asked if his beard was for real as he came into the finish...he he.

3. Beca and I ran a loop that I've never done and the leaves were just changing. I'm just realizing how long it's been since a real post, sorry friends. The loop, 19 miles, but we questioned if it's actually more around 21, was called Reno, Flag, Bear, Deadman' the time we were running down the last we kind of felt as the trail, aptly named. Here are some photos of our day:

Bombadil and his sister, Scade.  No Natty Bratty because she ate something that made her ill.

The times and the colors, they are a changin'

Our view from the icy creek bath

4.  My sister came to visit from her Idaho home.  It had been over a year since I saw her last and it was BRILLIANT.  I didn't realize how much I needed a sister hug and chat.  We ran together, which I say loosely because she is super fast.  We picked apples, made applesauce, eggplant tapenade and a CRAP ton of sauerkraut.  I didn't get any photos while she was here either...LAME.

5.  Beca and I ran Deer Creek out and back on the perfect day and didn't see ANYONE.  It was actually kind of eerie and we were wondering if the Butte had been taken over by zombies, but all is well.

First lights' rays

The tree tops were aglow 

Electric aspen leaves at Jackson's Wash

6.  We are moving in two weeks and I am realizing, as I do every time we've moved, that we have entirely too much JUNK.

Have a wonderful weekend to you all!

Song of the day - Gramatik ~ Shaft Funk

No words just super awesomeness



Big Daddy Diesel said...

Friday office dance party, thanks!!!

giraffy said...

Damn. That is BEAUTIFUL scenery there, chick. Almost makes the snow worth while. Almost.

Teamarcia said...

I've missed you! Thanks for the update and the beautiful scenery. I'm digging the tunes as well. Perfect for a Friday afternoon!
Too much junk = my middle name.

sbrt said...

Beautiful Photos Jessie.

It looks like the hounds enjoyed the autumn sunshine too.

ultra collie said...

hope youre not moving away from all that beauty!

magbueno said...

You always choose a beautiful place to run! Regards.

Greg said...

JP, Just checking in to see how you are doing. The leaves are falling here, so I imagine that your area is snow covered by now! I hope you're doing well. Talk to you soon,


Greg said...


thanks for the comments on my blog! I hope that you'll find the time to post more. I am pretty slammed right now myself. I hope that you had a great holiday!


The Green Girl said...

It's been awhile, girl. Hope you are doing well.

These pictures are amazing - what a beautiful place to run.

Hope you are enjoying the holiday season!