Tuesday, July 5, 2011

My Mind Is Ramblin'

Here are some firsts and goings-on around the Pants household:
  • First ever run with Shamus, he's bloody fast...brat.  I look forward to many more.
  • Received "Relentless Forward Progress," by Bryon Powell in the mail and am excited to start reading.  Also, received my first issue of Ultrarunning magazine in the mail, which was a gift from Funderson.  As an aside, there is an great article about ultra runners in the UK, which I feel lucky to have found a wicked group of fell runner bloggers to hear first hand accounts of these amazing races they are doing (running through bogs, up mountains, all while orienteering?!?!) and what they are up to day to day.  Here are just a few you should give them a read:
  • First mosquito bite of the summer followed by 2-37...it's just silly my arms looks like a I have chicken pox.  I saw them all hovering one of the water crossings on my run today, but didn't even realize until I got home that they kept a chunk of me.  
  • I went into the local hardware/gas station and asked about a car wash and they said that they were half price because only half of the scrubbers were working...I'm a bargain shopper, but really.
  • I'm able to ride my bike, 1960's Schwinn townie with grandma seat and basket, into work again, which is AWESOME. 
  • First pink elephant flower of the season, one of my favorites:
  • I've started my new job and LOVE it!  I don't think I realized just how bored I was with the other until now, but am so appreciative.  I am having an adjustment period as my schedule has changed a bit, but will get into the groove.
  • Friday was my first day in three years to have insurance followed closely by yesterday which was my first paid holiday three years.  I appreciate it that much more as it's been a while.
  • First digger of the year on Saturday trying to cross a log to get to Long Lake followed by number two yesterday coming down the Upper Upper trail...Ouch!
  • First EVER swim in Long Lake, which was perfect, refreshing and all around lovely time with Funderson and LF.
  • I've been running and in hog heaven with the trails.  Enjoying those that are already open and pining away for those that are still snowed in.
  • Shamus hiked Whetstone a mountain right across the way from our house...
Natty climbing the ridge to the peaks

Song of the day - The Black Keys ~ My Mind Is Ramblin'



Big Daddy Diesel said...

Nice bike, I love old vintage bikes, they are so cool looking and built to last forever, not like todays bikes.

William said...

Sounds like some positive things going on. I just read Relentless Forward Progress and it was a super fast read. Pretty helpful overall.

sbrt said...

Thanks for the name check Jessie.

Good to hear things are going well for you.

Feet in the Clouds by Richard Asquith http://www.amazon.co.uk/Feet-Clouds-Story-Running-Obsession/dp/1845130820/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1309886084&sr=1-1

Is a good read if you are interested in fell running.

Tiffany said...

Really - a swim in Long Lake? I barley got wet last weekend at Blue Mesa! Congrats on now being an ultrarunner - that is awesome! Where/what is your new job - congrats on a new job!

Ewa said...

Funny: half price car wash.
Not funny: mosquitoes. They LOVE me with a passion

Another very cool magazine to read is Marathon and Beyond.

Chris K said...

Now this is what I call a proper Blog post :-) Very cool that you ran with Shamus. Last week, for the first time, my g.f. rode her bike while I ran. We both loved it.

Congrats on your new job. Sounds like you like it and are getting some nice bennies.

JessiePants said...

Steve - you are welcome and thank you for the book suggestion. I'm always looking for a good one.
Tiffany - After we ran Snodgrass, it felt AWESOME!
Thanks and the new job is with the Town of CB in the Building Department.
Ewa - I appreciate the suggestion on magazine, I'll have to check it out!
Chris K. - Glad you and the lady friend are getting to experience things you love together. She's probably got to be pedaling pretty fast to keep up with you, speedy : )

ultra collie said...

that is a lot of firsts jessie! how exciting
i too have RFP ..a good intro book..though you find over time what works (or doesnt!) for you