Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Fair weather runner...NOT

Rain/Sleet showers + me on the Rec Path = unintended speed work + hills and all in all a fabulous 5 mile run! I've come to the realization that inclimate weather really gets me jazzed when I am running and motivates me. This may just also be instincts telling me to hurry up and get indoors.
On another note the humming birds have arrived and bless their little hearts on days like today...yes that's snow in the background
and no I don't want to talk about it!


Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Lack of hippie

So for hanging with her little man, Cynther bought me the most wonderful smelling soap from Lush. It was so awesome that I hadn't even opened the package and just kept smelling the box as I drove home. When I got home and opened it, I told Shamus that she got me the best soap EVER and had him smell and he says, "Oh, that's why the bathroom smelled like a head shop."

So, this got me thinking about how I try to be very earth friendly and green in all ways of life and enjoy doing so ever so much, but today is Tuesday and on KBUT (our local radio station in the valley) it's the Dead Head Ed show from 2-4 pm, which showcases nothing, but The Dead for two hours. No offense meant to Dead Head Ed either... I LOVE all things music and will give anything a listen, but have tried and tried again to like the Grateful Dead and I just can't. In fact, they along with some other jam bands kind of give me a littttleee rage. I don't know why, they all seem like nice fellas, but I just can't jive with endless jam sessions and seedy vocals. Sooo, I guess I am just coming to terms with the fact that I can never be a complete 100% hippie.


Tuesday, May 4, 2010

25K Birthday and the foster snake finds a new home...

I am now officially 30 and an old bat (according to Cynther). It was an amazing birthday! Drove up on Friday and had some sketchy weather/road conditions at the top of Monarch pass...sorry no photos too busy holding on for dear life. Then, rolled in otherwise through just blustery, rain, sleet, grapple and other Rocky Mountain spring weather wonderfulness. Woke up for the race Saturday morning and the sun was coming up and not a cloud in the sky. I had forgotten with the sunrise on the Front Range you get a deep red color that explodes from the mountains, beauty. Rolled up to the race and got there early for some good people watching. The race began and we rolled across the starting line at 8:05 am. I had imagined the beginning of a trail race to be somewhat of a difficult thing because of the limited width of the trail, but this started on a jeep/utility road and crowd spread quite quickly. For the first loop the ground was still crunchy and a bit snowy in spots. The views were spectacular: rolling hills of green, birds chirping and a slight breeze. For the second loop, the sun was OUT and it was a muddy ADVENTURE. Cynther helped me up the switchback hill for the second time, phew, because I had hit a bit of a "wall" if you will. We rolled in to the finish at 3:28 with the little man and Shamus waiting and his beard was like a beacon in the blowing grass. Met great folks (volunteers and runners) on the course and it was just a beautiful course in general! Other than the apple spice gel at the halfway point and the man snarfing a piece of pizza on his way back out for the 3rd loop of the 50K, no other tales to tell.

So, for the second part of the story Shamus thinks that I may be too nice and in this installment in January ended up with a 6 foot long Red-tailed Boa named 15 because of an acquaintance's son's incarceration...long story short. We called it the foster snake because we DID NOTwant to keep it. We already have a snake and don't have the space for a snake that big...i.e. the tortoise we have has spoken for any extra space we have as it will get 2 feet wide, ~80-100 lbs and live longer that Shamus and I. So, yesterday we got the call that he was going to Denver to a new home...yippee!!! I had him and all of his gear packed and helped load it all into the lady's car, lickety split! She was majorly freaking out though that the snake was going to get out of the cooler as she was driving and she would proceed to wreck the car. I assured her no that it wouldn't get out and even put a bungee cord around the top to appease her. So, our dear foster snake, 15, drove away. Cheers to a gorgeous snake getting a good I promise that I won't say yes to any more least for a while.