Sunday, June 19, 2011

Trap Shut

I have been hearing faint whispers through town that Deer Creek Trail was ready.  So, yesterday I decided to give it a go and ready it was.  I didn't go all the way down into the town of Gothic because the last little bit of trail is a bit of a bore.  So, round trip was about 21 miles as I parked at the West Brush Creek split.  Also, I actually remembered my camera.  So, I'm going to keep my trap shut (for the most part) and let you enjoy the sights that I saw:

Trailhead for Deer Creek

Still some snow patches in the first section of the trail

Gothic Mountain...doesn't it just look like a beast?

Du na lu na lu wa, wa, wa (western movie sound), entering no man's land

Glacier lilies and skunk cabbage, one of those days when it almost hurts your eyes it's so bright with color.
One of about 18 water crossings, as it was an out and back I got to cross them all twice.  ADVENTURE!

Back up through the aspen, I swore I smelled a bear here, but it never found me if it was near.

Signs of just JP

A crooked bunch

In case you were a bit lost.

This is a big wash that gives me vertigo as the trail runs right atop it.

Mount Crested Butte's behind

Lupine and larkspur on Brush Creek Road on the drive home
Happy Father's Day to all of you pops out there, hope that your day is just lovely!



The Green Girl said...

Wow. You took my breath away with those beautiful pictures.

What an amazing trail run.

Ewa said...

Hey, how come I was not invited to join you? Oh, I know, I would be slowing you down. :)
This is such an amazing area. I love it! Great pics. Glad you remembered your camera.

Big Daddy Diesel said...

LOL!!! We were reading each others blogs at the same time.

We have a Deer Creek here as well, yours is prettier then mine, though mine isnt bad either

As for your question, I swim at Alum Creek, a short 15 minute drive to a man made lake, its nice.

Greg said...

Dare I ask what a bear smells like? I can't imagine that it is anything good. Wow, your Pictures are awesome. I really need to get to the other side of the Mississippi! Even growing up in WV, I still haven's seen anything like what I see in your pictures.

sbrt said...

I have mountain envy =)

giraffy said...

Pretty pretty! I am jealous!

ultra collie said...

lovely trail of real contrasts..looks like you were pleased to be on it!

JessiePants said...

Green Girl - glad you liked!
Ewa - you are always invited, you just let me know when you are Colorado bound.
BDD - HA, too funny! The trails in the midwest are so lush I forget between our visits. Beautiful! Great swim!
Greg - Musky, stinkiness...I guess I'd smell like this too if I slept for a whole winter without coming out : )
Steve - I've seen your photos, nothing to be envious about!
Giraffy - Thanks : )
UC - I WAS stoked to be out and thanks!

funderson said...

oooooo...I can't waaaaiiitt!!

William said...

Thanks for the great pics. Amazing landscape.

magbueno said...

Hey Jessie, something funny: have a look at this blog:
I´ve been reading him for a couple of years as collaborator in a monthly mountains magazine in Spain.

Nick said...

Beautiful pictures JP.
I heard that bears stink as well. My lodging in Squaw Valley where I stay for Western States 100 had one break into their kitchen through a mesh window screen. The place stank and was filthy from the soil and junk that had dropped off it.

JessiePants said...

Magbueno - I just checked it out. How cool!
Nick - Thanks and good thing it wasn't in there when you got there.