Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Flagpole Sitta

Song of the day - Harvey Danger ~ Flagpole Sitta

Since I had this song running through my head for the better part of the race on Saturday, I thought that I would share...


Sunday, May 29, 2011

Hauling Ass to Skull Pass - 50K Sage Burner Report

My friend, Funderson made me this card in honor of this race:

And so, for the first half of the race it was my mantra, if you will. I hoped that this 50K would take me 8 hours. There was only one cut-off at 14.5 miles at 11:30, which was four hours after start time.

I digress though, Funderson being the absolutely amazing friend that she is picked up my action at 6:15 and we rolled down to Hartman's. We parked and I checked in, which was kind of mess until they got things stream-lined a bit. We hung at the car across from a group of fellow blasting tunes from their car as they changed and made middle school jokes about one of the group being "69." Familiar faces were all around as people headed towards the start line about 5 minutes until the gun. I LOVE that about a local race, chatting and milling about before the fun begins.

The gun fired at 7:30 on the money and we were off like a herd of turtles. I say this because if you look at the course profile there is a pretty substantial climb/kick in the pants to start things off. I took my rightful place at the back of the pack with Jack Rabbit Bill. We chatted as we scrambled and climbed our way to the top of Rattlesnake. Both of us noted that it was already warm and we wanted to make that cut-off. Hence, "Hauling Ass to Skull Pass," where that m' effin' cut-off was. I passed a few people power hiking up the hills to the top of Rattlesnake and had found a comfortable place as we crested the top of the hill. Out of the corner of my eye something moved and I let out a shout, turning it was just a camera man who laughed and snapped a photo of my backside as I ran down the hill.

I stayed with a lovely gal from Denver for a short time and enjoyed the conversation. This was her first ever race and I told her she better look out because it's like tattoos and traveling and now she'll be hooked! I had my mojo workin' and keep on going. I came upon another Gunnison Valley pal, Tiffany, as we rolled up Josho's and we chatted for a bit then parted ways. At the top of Josho's was the first aid station, but I kept on going as I had everything, but the kitchen sink in my camelback. We rolled up and down and came to the 25K/50K split and I started up the hill on Broken Shovel. Looking down I saw Tiffany and Denver gal and hollered well wishes for their race. Then, I was alone again.

This was the case for quite some time, actually. There were two women in front of me, but WELL in front and this race to me wasn't about going after other people just finishing and competing with myself. I kept moving and ended up passing one of the ladies on Skyline and then along the line the other just before Bambi's. At about two hours in, I hit my first wall, which sounds so odd because it wasn't that far in. There was no question in my mind about continuing, but thoughts of how daunting the remaining six hours appeared started to just seep in. After a little while with these thoughts, I said to myself, "Stop it now. You can do this and you will do this. Look at the day and listen to your feet." Then, the time started to melt away. The day was perfect 73 and windy, but was warm for us high mountain folk after weeks prior in the 40-50's. I came to the next aid station and checked the mileage 11.5, grabbed a handful of peanut M&M's and was off. This was my first time in this portion of Hartman's and was exciting at the unknown trails out in front of me. I made my way up (a major up) 9-0 and then down and around to Outback. Mountain bikers began to slowly trickle from in front and behind and were absolute ladies and gents hopping right off their bikes and well wishing me on my way. As I came down Outback, I saw the next aid station at the bottom of the hill. Then, someone from my left screamed at the top of their lungs and about set me out of my skin...Shamus. Getting my wits about me again and into the aid station, the fellow asked what I needed and I asked if I could fill up my pack. He filled it up and said it looked like I should drink more. I said okie dokie and kept rolling down the road to Skull Pass.

A man came hobbling up the hill and I asked if he was okay. He said he messed up his ankle and was toast, which made me be super conscience of the steps I was taking from there. Onto Skull Pass and started up the hill there was my sweetheart like a mirage. He ran/hiked with me up to the top, gave me some salt sticks, told me how lovely I looked (fibber), and sent me along. Down the pass and back up to the aid station, I grabbed some flat coke and a slice of watermelon and started again. Looking back, I yelled in question what mileage, 17. I looked at my watch, a little under 4 hours. I MADE THE CUT-OFF!

Down the hill and onto Enchanted Forest. A random group of people with lawn chairs at the bottom hooting and hollering made me smile. Rolling up and down through some nice shade and up to Dave Moe's. Shamus was there waiting and filled my water again. He said he'd see me at home as he needed to check the brats. Rejuvenated again, I was up the hill and rolling down. Then, onto Dirty Sock and Buddy Bear, which seemed as though someone had extended them by two fold, bastards. I forced down a almond butter, agave tortilla. As I finished Buddy Bear, I saw the next aid station and heard cheers and my name. I got closer and realized it was Allen Hadley, my local ultra marathoning hero. He gave me a big hug and filled my water. Then, said "Hurricane is right in front of you and she's tired. You can totally get her."...LIES, lies, lies. I said, "Allen, I'm not racing, man. I just want to finish." Allen, "You GOT this!" I said thank you's and took off up Josie's. I finally saw Hurricane like a speck on the horizon up Josie's. Cresting the top of the hill, I ran along the top getting battered by the wind and then slowly came down to Gateway and then started up again. Nearing the top, I came upon Hurricane hunched over and having a rough go with the heat. I stayed with her until she assured me that she was okay. I rolled up and down and up and down to the Water Treatment trail, which was the most dreadful section of the day. I haven't done this trail this spring and had forgotten the MEGA ups this one had. Combining this with the intense heat, I felt as though I was reduced to a smelly heap of crap, but kept running and hiked when I felt that running was just not an option.

After, I made the cut-off my next goal was to not only finish, but make it to mile 26 where Funderson was going to be at the aid station. So, as I was rolling up this fetching massive hill suddenly I saw her hat as a speck on the top of the trail and my heart was brimming. She mentioned if her foot and back didn't hurt too bad she'd be running with me to the end. I got there and filled up my pack again, grabbed a handful of peanut M&M's and a shooter of flat coke. Funderson was filling up her water and was set to jet. This MADE the last bit of the race. She was telling me funny stories from the aid station, making up hilarious songs (to include Douche Canoe to the tune of Duke of Earl, freakin' awesome) and swearing. I swore more in this hour and change than I have in years put together and with each eff bomb I felt power to get to the top of the hill that was Top of the World and Ridge Trails. We came upon a group of fellows that Funderson said had a long night of drinking the night before and had sat for a substantial time at the aid station before making a go of the end. We passed them and chuckled that we chicked the d-bags, which turned out to be the gents from the parking lot making the middle school jokes. Painfully laughing our way, we came down Jack's and cut over to Collarbone, which was just absurdly steep with shot legs. Then, I saw the finish. Funderson says, "Is that Shamus?" I said, "Oh no, he had to go home...no, wait it is." A group of fine friends gathered there for my less than spectacular finish cheering. I would have probably cried if I weren't so tired. A finishing time of 8 hours and 9 minutes and I was/am in utter amazement! If you are in the Gunnison Valley area on a Memorial Day weekend, this is a stellar race with amazing course support and views.

I cannot even begin to believe how lucky I am to have such an amazing husband and friends. I'm not a champion, no awards were accepted, but they cheered, hugged, ran along side, cussed and smiled as though I was. Thank you to you all!

We all parted ways and Funderson had the hook-up with chocolate milk...BLISS. After a bit of a sit, we got into the car and headed for the river. I had visions on Dave Moe's of sitting with a ginger ale in the Gunni and now I was there. It was even better than I had hoped for. Cold water numbing my aching feet and legs, I should have stayed in a bit longer. Came back to the car and a quick strip down and back to the Butte.

I got cleaned up and Shamus and I went into town for a Yeti...BEST.BEER.EVER.

I can't wait for the next one (race, not beer)!

On a side note, here is a photo of my bitchin' calves and tan lines:


Friday, May 27, 2011

Paper Thin

Song of the day - MC Lyte ~ Paper Thin

I realized that on my hip hop lovin' Fridays I haven't properly given credit to the beautiful women representing hip hop, female MC's have always struggled to make a name in this male-dominated field, but MC Lyte definitely shines on the mic. It was a difficult choice between this and "I Go On," but here you go.

On a side note, I am sorry that I am unable to comment on some of your blogs because blogger is being a brat... this also includes commenting on my own blog?!!? Sorry!

On another side note, as the winds have been 40 mph, it's not surprising that a random, decrepit Christmas tree has appeared in our front yard...

Have a safe and happy Memorial Day weekend and be mindful and thankful for all of the veterans.


Thursday, May 26, 2011

Toenails, Tan lines and Kiwis...

Another Random 3:

1. A note to my toenail: We've had some good times, some laughs maybe even, but I think it's just time that you packed your bags and took your black and blue cohorts with you. It's just not working; this hanging on, being a pain in my...foot.

2. At the post office today:
Random local: "WHOA now those are some tan lines." referring to my calves that have a WICKED line at the capri level
Me: "He, he, he, yeahhh."
Random local: "Let me guess, a shortie wetsuit in Baja."
Me: "Yeaaahhh not so much, training for the Sage Burner at Hartman's. I worked my ass off for these tan lines, man."
Random local: "Well, you do have some bitchin' calves, tan lines or not."
Me: *BLUSHING* "Thanks..."

3. Some exciting news for the kiwi, New Zealand's national bird...


Whoever You Are

Song of the day - Geggy Tah ~ Whoever You Are

One of my favs back in the day.


Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Song of the day - Ted Nugent ~ Stranglehold

Even though he can be a total whack job these days, he can play a mean guitar.


Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Six Days

I got a little crazy and switched my long run to Sunday from my usual Saturday. I did a different portion of this Saturday's course that just opened up May 15th. I ran 3 hours and 15 minutes to the tune of about 13 miles. A good run and great to be out and feel good as I was under the weather for the better portion of last week. Instead of giving you the blow by blow, I'll share some of the crazy thoughts that bounce in and out of my head (sort of "Deep Thoughts with JessiePants," instead of Jack Handy) and then some photos:

* Will I make the cut-off this Saturday? Dang, I hope so...

* Cologne, perfume, make-up: Why put it on before you come out to run, hike, bike? If you do this, please don't be offended just help me to understand.

* New Castle - Why after liking it for so long does it now taste vile?

* If all of these tornadoes, extreme weather happenings are occurring now, what will the rest of the summer bring?

* I wonder what I ate to make my stomach a ticking time bomb for four days.

* Applying for jobs and getting turned down is really humbling. Will I ever find a new one?

* I'm no fashionista, but what's with the Mexican Pointy Boots...

* Is West Maroon Pass even going to be open for our girlie running weekend ADVENTURE! from CB to Aspen in July?

Sawtooth Trail - Do you see what I see?

Bunny Wabbatt

Bambi's Trail - Coming down

I was overjoyed to see buds on the bushes!


Song of the day - DJ Shadow featuring Mos Def ~ Six Days

DJ Shadow = master blender, digger "Tomorrow never comes until it's too late..."


Monday, May 23, 2011

I Come From the Water

Song of the day - Toadies ~ I Come From the Water

90's tune on a Monday


Friday, May 20, 2011

Winter Storm, WHAT THE WHAT???

I had to share because it's just laughable at this point. This is our weather forecast for the next few, which is what it is. Here's the thing though, we are in a winter storm warning and it is white-out, blizzard snowing...I feel as though I may be trapped in a strange episode of the Twighlight Zone.

7-Day Forecast for Latitude 38.87°N and Longitude 106.99°W (Elev. 8908 ft)

Safe travels and happy weekend to you all!


Gotta Keep Ya Head Up

Song of the day - Tupac ~ Gotta Keep Ya Head Up

'Tis true...


Thursday, May 19, 2011

Kiss Me Again

Random 3:

1. My friend posted this to facebook and thought it might be a good Thursday laugh for some of you...or maybe I am just a nerd.

2. My main squeeze got me this little surprise book for my birthday. I've been making my own bread for about 3 years, but this is the big time, totally stoked! Okay this confirms it...I am a nerd.

3. As it is snowing AGAIN today, I thought I'd share a couple of photos from about this time 2 years ago when Shamus climbed Teocali a mountain just up the valley from our house:

Song of the day - Jessica Lea Mayfield ~ Kiss Me Again

This little gal has a CD out now called "Tell Me," but this is a gorgeous tune from her 2008 CD "With Blasphemy So Heartfelt."



Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Song of the day - The Herd ~ Toorali



Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Backwater Blues

Song of the day - Bessie Smith ~ Backwater Blues

Here's hoping for the folks in Louisiana that the waters don't rise as they are predicting and as Bessie sings of in this tune.


Monday, May 16, 2011

Bound For The Floor

Song of the day - Local H ~ Bound for the Floor

Grunge-y goodness for Monday


Sunday, May 15, 2011

Hartman Saturday and An Ode to Funderson's

Another Saturday and a lovely run at Hartman Rocks. 6 hours 45 minutes, 27 miles of running, my longest run to-date and by the skin of my teeth just missed the down pour, lucky duck! Some of the same terrain as weeks past with new trail excitement intermingled. I didn't have the brats this week and missed them dearly. I stopped to go to the loo about an hour in and heard a rustle behind me, which almost toppled me over, but quickly realized it was my rain jacket on my backpack scratching against the sage brush...nervous nelly. On my other loo break stumbled upon the barrel of a shotgun??? As I was motoring up a hill towards Alfonso's trail at about 5 hours and 15 minutes, a biker came from behind and asked if I was training for the Sage Burner and I said amidst heavy breathing that he was on the money. After I got to the trail I peeled off and he went straight, I thought what I must have looked like...a crazed, mall-walking, hippie zombie quite possibly. I DID take the camera, which will prevent my rambling...or at least keep it at a minimum.

Up the Dave Moe's trail

Some of the only flowers out at the moment at Hartman's

Looking South towards Blue Mesa Reservoir and the San Juan's. All of the colors seem to explode just before a rain.

Here comes the...blackness

My last hill, up McCabe's

Murky Gunny River...ahhhh

Quite full o' water indeed

Song of the day - Madness ~ Our House

A special song of the day in honor of the NEW house of Funderson....WHOOPA!


Friday, May 13, 2011

The Show

Aaaannndd we're back...

I didn't think that I had 3 random things to say yesterday, but today I changed my mind:

1. So, my sometimes drive-me-up-a-wall boss insists that he doesn't "believe" in recycling, which I have responded many times that it's not like the Tooth Fairy or Easter Bunny to be believed in...you kind of just do it or you don't do it. We had two old school computer towers that have been sitting here in the office collecting dust, which he said to just throw away, but I am stubborn and knew once I had a free moment that I could find a place to recycle them. Earth 911 is a large website that you kind find spots to recycle loads of different items, but I found that HP takes old computer paraphernalia, if this is of help to anyone else. Sticking it to the man...

2. A little joke for those like SRBT and funderson who, like myself, get a chuckle from silly jokes:
Q: What do you get if you cross a sheepdog with a rose?
A: A collie-flower!

3. I am happy to report that the weather today is 60 degrees and sunny, WHOOPA!

Song of the day - Doug E. Fresh & Slick Rick ~ The Show

Classic Friday


Thursday, May 12, 2011

The Edge of a Cliff

Song of the day - The Streets ~ The Edge of a Cliff

Mike Skinner, brilliant. We all have down times, but a really profound message in such a simple song.


Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Spring? What Is This Season You Speak Of...

This is what it's doing outside at the moment:

Actually, this is normal for spring/mud season here, but I just had to share to laugh and not cry.

How's the weather where you are? I hope for your sake that it's not snowing.


Freddie Freeloader

Song of the day - Miles Davis ~ Freddie Freeloader

Mellow Wednesday


Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Just Like Heaven

Song of the day - The Cure ~ Just Like Heaven

I know, I know this one was really popular, but I still dig it as well as The Cure in general.


Monday, May 9, 2011

Gunni River How I've Missed You

Just three short weeks and I'll be running my first 50K. So, this weekend I was lucky enough again to run at Hartman Rocks. I ran a very similar route to last week just longer in places, so won't bore you with all of the hum drum details, but maybe just a few little tidbits. Unlike last week, Saturday was about 60 degrees and sunny, absolutely fabulous. As I feared though last week, the lack of water was compounded by the fact that it was 30 degrees warmer this week. I think that with said lack of water I may have found Natty's limit in regards to mileage. About an hour before we were done, she definitely started slowing down and I even started contemplating how if I had to I would carry her out, but she's a trooper and carried on. By the time that we were heading back down within sight of the car, she was about 25 feet behind me and looked as though she was in the "zone" and if she could speak she might've sworn at me. I had packed in water and a collapsible bowl and found some about halfway through, not enough though. I actually sucked my camelback dry about an hour before seeing my dirty blue car again. Bummer, until the trails open up in the Butte it'll just be short ones for the brats whilst at Hartman's. We did 6 hours and 15 minutes of running, which was 24 miles (for the dogs probably twice that). There were heaps of folks out on the trails, especially bikers and you could just see the joy in everyone's faces that some good weather and dry trails had melded for a perfect day.

On Friday, I was talking to my friend Pilates Kenny who asked what I was doing and I said running 24 miles/6 hours tomorrow. Who in turn said he didn't know that he'd want to do anything for six hours let alone run. So, in my time out on the single tracks on Saturday this kept coming into my head, as random things do. I started training for my first marathon in August of 2009 and remember looking at each weeks increasing mileage as a daunting task or just a fearful thing. I looked forward to them because it was a new ADVENTURE! and I was fortunate enough to have my buddy funderson right there with me teaching me the ways of distance running. Still though it was always, I HAVE to run blah miles this weekend not I GET to run blah miles. As this spring/mud season has progressed, I really feel like I've come into my own and I look forward to the weekend's challenges whatever mileage totals it may be. I enjoy being alone with my thoughts out in nature for extended periods of time. I've also embraced that fact that I am a slow runner and it feels good to be comfortable in my own shoes. I know that there will still be GREAT days and not so great ones, but look forward to what each run brings.

The pups ans I hopped back in the car and pulled off just down the road at a little put in area for the Gunnison River and low and behold there is Pilates Kenny. He asks how it went and was wicked kind to say I didn't even look tired (chapped lips, spit on my cheeks, who knows what on my shirt, smelling like an old sweaty sock)...sweet man. Then, he says since you're done why not come kayaking. I laughed out my nose, thanked him and said that for the last hour and a half of my run all I could think of was sitting my arse in the river and that's where the dogs and I were headed. It was absolute awesomeness just as I had hoped for. The swollen river rushing by, happy cooled-off pups playing and wrestling in the water around me and swallows from under the bridge swirling all around above me as my tired muscles were cooled by the snow melt run-off and warmed by the sunshine.


Pardon Me

Song of the day - Incubus ~ Pardon Me

A little Brandon Boyd goodness to start the week.


Friday, May 6, 2011

Livin' Time

Song of the day - Lifesavas featuring Gift of Gab ~ Livin' Time

A stellar group from Portland and a cool video to go to the tune...although I don't want to think about snow at the moment.


Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Sweetest Thing

Random 3 Things for Thursday:

1. Shamus saw this fellow on the way to work this week...look at those muscles, magnificent!

2. Running in races is awesome for so many reasons, but sometimes and extra bonus is a technical t-shirt memorializing your journey. Some (funderson and Shamus) will tell you that I have some issues with keeping such shirts "stain-free."

Exhibit A:

Sorry sideways, but you get the gist...last year's Sage Burner, not even a year

Exhibit B:
A shirt from the Mountain Air two years ago, I still swear on a stack of Bibles that no matter what it looks like, I have NOT wiped my bum with this shirt.

So, when I did the Desert Rats a couple weeks ago, this was in our swag bag:

As we are sitting at the campfire after the race funderson says, "No eating or cooking in this shirt." Me, "Done and done," and off we go to Arizona. I decide to wear it out to a bar for a beer one evening in Tempe...I am technically not breaking any rules as drinking a pint wasn't on the list. We are standing up to leave and my elbow is wet. I look down and ding danged if there are n't brown spots on the elbow. Thank goodness for spray n' wash, but I am pretty sure that either I don't get to wear it or it's going to be dirty soon.

3. My mum sent me another installment of Horoscopes from her local paper and they are doosies, yet again, so here goes:

Taurus: "They say you can't go home again, but you will prove everyone wrong when you are forced to move back in with your parents next month. Don't sweat it; I'm sure there are lots of chicks out there that dig 33-year-old men who live with their folks." Phew, at least I'm not a dude...

My favorite even though it's not my birthday: Sagittarius: "You need to lay the f@*k low for a little while okay? If anyone finds out what you are up to we are all going down. Stay at your aunt's house, do whatever you need to do, but I'm just telling you, if they find you it's all over." How the crap is this a horoscope??????????

If you'd like to know yours just let me know your birthday....HA!

Song of the day - JJ Grey & Mofro featuring Toots Hibbert

Mmmm hmmm....


Wednesday, May 4, 2011

God Bless the Ottoman Empire

Song of the day - A Hawk and a Hacksaw ~ God Bless the Ottoman Empire

From Albuquerque, New Mexico, this band is inspired by Eastern European, Turkish and Balkan music and is evident upon listening to this tune. The name of the band came from a reference from Don Quixote which was referenced from William Shakespeare's Hamlet, " I am but mad north-north-west: when the wind is southerly I know a hawk from a handsaw." Lovely!


Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Time After Time

Song of the day - Cyndi Lauper ~ Time After Time

Because I'm a sucka for Cyndi...


Monday, May 2, 2011

Children of the Grave

Song of the day - Black Sabbath ~ Children of the Grave

"Children of tomorrow live in the tears that fall today..."