Sunday, July 17, 2011

Pass Fail

Last weekend (I'm wicked behind, I know), Shamus and I traversed up Cement Creek and I had planned about a 16 mile loop, but Mother Nature hadn't really been cooperating and seemed to not want to that day either.  I ran the road up nearly to the end and split off on a single track called the Crystal Peak Trail.  It climbs up, up and up to:

They look so close you could touch them, but they are a ways off.
This is where the trail splits to the right and goes up to Mount Tilton:

Someday,  I will do this trail up yonder.

 Crystal Peak to the left:
Trail = wicked steep

or left and down a bit is Star Pass:

The cornice that denied my passage, double rat farts.

As you can see,  it was in no short supply.

The weather was turning foul just at that moment (great time to be at the top of a 12,277 ft. peak).  So, I high-tailed it back down the way I came and ran the road, which was just as lovely and the sun even popped out towards the end.

Song of the day - The Why Store ~ Lack of Water

Although there wasn't a lack of it last weekend, still a great tune.  Some of you midwesterners may recognize this, group is from Indy and I have had a pint or two with this fellow at The Slippery Noodle.  Unique voice...



Chris K said...

Great pics JP. I've never heard of a single rat fart and you had a double one. That darn cornice. Thanks for posting the pics - it's like a different world.

ultra collie said...

great shots it was a lovely outing!

William said...

Awesome Pics!

funderson said...

stupid passage denied cocheise..i mean cornice

Big Daddy Diesel said...

I am in serious love with your training grounds, I need to make it out to Colorado