Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Random Mix of Goodness...or crap?

Well, continuing with yesterday's update of sorts, here is some additional goings-on at the Pants household:

  • Had a flat on my townie halfway to work on Monday, but now in turn have some sweet white walls:

  • Shamus and I hiked over the weekend to Angel Pass in Poverty Gulch (which I know to most of you means nothing, but I still have to share.  One of the most spectacular views I have experienced in some time.  Here are some snippets of the ADVENTURE!:

Top of Angel Pass looking down to Marcellina and Middle Anthracite Creek

Me to Shamus "Why did you bring your ice axe?"  Shamus "Because I knew you'd be a pansy when we had to cross the snowfields."  Me to Shamus "I'll give you a pansy."  I WAS a nervous nelly, but seriously not a pansy.

Super bratters

Right up the middle behind Shamus is where Angel Pass sits

A view of the snowfield before climbing up it and saying frick a frack

At the saddle with Cascade behind me
  • I volunteered answering phones for the pledge drive for our local radio station KBUT last night, which is an AWESOME little station.  You can listen online if you need something during the day.  Someday, I will DJ on there...I will keep you posted.

Song of the day - James McMurtry ~ Choctaw Bingo

How could you not tap your toe to this...



Greg said...

The picture of the dogs is awesome! I miss having a dog. Don't get my wrong -- I love my cat, but he's just not a good running buddy!

giraffy said...

Lovely hiking :D

P. said...

yo' photos make me jello!

keep'em coming!

sbrt said...

Good stuff JP

Big Daddy Diesel said...

I seriously love your bike

ultra collie said...

great shots of the pants team on tour!

magbueno said...

Nice places and photos!