Thursday, December 23, 2010

One for my sister...

Song of the day - Harry Connick Jr. ~ (It Must've Been Ol') Santa Claus

For my youngest sister who used to listen to this song (and Pure Prairie League's Amy, over and over and over, singing "Happy Ho, Ho, Ho to you" and dancing around the living's nice to be able to listen to it again without pulling my hair out because I do like the song.

Instead of random Thursday I thought I'd count my blessings:
* A husband that is 100 percent wonderful (well most of the time :)) and digs me even for all of my weirdness
* Stellar friends to run, laugh, cry, talk about bodily functions and share special times
* Closeness of my family (well most of them) and my married family
* Our four-legged family members, no run, hike, ski would be the same without you...Chui, is exempt, but still very important
* These legs that carry me via running, hiking, skiing and swimming to places I could have never imagined that I would go
* These hands that have helped me learn to bake all sorts of fun fare, to knit (well sort of, work in progress) and sew
* These eyes that enable me to see this captivating world that passes me by day to day and read the most wonderful and not so wonderful books and blogs
* These ears that allow me to hear the sounds of the mountains, music and beautiful voices of my friends and family



funderson said...

Totally dig it, lady! I HAVE this Harry Connick, CD...imagine that?

Pam said...

Siiiiiiiigh... I heart him.