Wednesday, September 8, 2010

My mamacita the bad ass...

So, summer appears to have been crazy as I see I have not posted anything in ages! We had an adventure and went home to Indiana for my youngest sister's wedding, which was a lovely event, in mid August. I have to say that I admire all of those who run in the heat and humidity and have been trying to smack myself when I say that it's "hot" here (75 degrees with a breeze). So, my dear mother came to visit for a week last Wednesday and now is leaving today. We laughed because it was so close to when we were just home, but the funny thing is it was perfect timing as we didn't see each other hardly at all running to and fro doing wedding funness. We have been trying to wear her out, but I'm totally now convinced my mom is a serious bad ass. Since she got here she's:
  • Climbed darn near the top of Mt. CB
  • Hiked with Shamus numerous times, which is no easy task...I know I'm married to the bush-whacker
  • Rode the mountain bike to the cemetary, up Slate and into town a couple times
  • Hiked the Caves with a motely crew...not a trail we can take just any tourista on
  • Went to pilates with me, first time for both of us, and totally showed me up at the plank position, which I now have a love hate relationship with (the plank, not my mom) because I've avoided it like the plague because I'm a weinie...

I'm so proud to be her daughter and aspire to be half the woman that she is! Safe travels home mims, much love!!!


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