Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The town in which I live...

Sooo, these ads are from our little local paper and we get our papers on Thursday of each week. So, as last week was April Fool's Day on Thursday, these were are few installments from the annual April Fool's Day paper, which I thought were just a crack up. Shamus and I were talking though and laughing about what if The New York Times or Boston Globe had an installment such as this. The first 4-5 pages of the paper are all fake articles and ads, but if you
were an out of towner picking up the paper you might think that we are all freaks in Crested Butte, which might be the case on any other day for other reasons.
A friend said that he used to live in Apsen and they do this there as well and had a "faux" article a couple of years ago that told everyone that there would be free parking for the day and everyone got parking tickets....HA!
So, any who I thought this would give some insight as to the small town in which I live. Crested Butte is an 1880's historic mining town and is located about 230 miles Southwest of Denver with a year-round population of 1700 people. We are a ski resort town so we get a large influx of people from Thanksgiving until last weekend and then from Memorial Day until Labor Day. Crested Butte is also the "official" Wildflower capitol of Colorado, gorgeous photos to come in July and August. Any who, for your geography lesson of the day... I often laugh because I am from a very small town and couldn't wait to get away from the small town-ness and now here I am living in an even smaller one! Oh how I've come full circle with an appreciation for walking to do my mid-day errands, smiling and exchanging with familiar faces, riding my bike or walking to work, April Fools day silly papers and the other joys of a small town.
So, I know that I've said that I'm a trail runner and love it, but recently the weather has been true spring crapness (i.e. snow, wind, mud, ice, etc.) and someday I will write about an adventure on the road...sorry none as of yet though!

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