Thursday, April 1, 2010

First day as a blogger

Well, what a day! My first day blogging on April Fool's Day. A day that is typical Crested Butte for spring: winds, snow, etc. I am training for my first trail race on my 30th birthday in Greenland, CO...I have to make sure that I include the Colorado on there because I've had people think that I'm wicked cool and going to Greenland, the country, which darn the luck, but no... So, as I described the weather above it's trying sometimes getting the runs in. I've embraced the fact that "trails" won't be open for a bit as we still have 2-3 feet of snow in just makes me all the more excited for when they do! So, it's dirt roads for now, which I'll live to tell about.

On a side note with running, I just found out through a blood test that I am iron deficient. I very well may be the slowest runner in all the world, but this deficiency made me feel as though I was just a slug and so bloody out of shape. My brain and I often have discussions, sometimes arguments, and I with this I was bartering often about making it to the next road sign on a run. It's great to have answers though and to be making strides to correct it! Not quite up to par and feeling like superwoman, but Rome wasn't built in a day now was it... Lack of energy, can't catch your breath, dizziness, cold natured, pale color can all be signs for various things, but iron deficiency is one of them. So, to anyone who might read this make sure you keep track of your health and note what your body is telling you! Here is some info on iron deficiency because I feel as though it's important for people to know:

I will get some stellar photos going on here, as well just need a few to get organized...peace

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