Friday, April 2, 2010

Survey says...

So, I have been taking surveys online for a few years to make a few extra buckaroos. I feel like it's a different way to get your voice heard for random crap, but in recent months I've come to a realization. I believe that I am definitely not in the demographic that they are looking for in most surveys, as I have been weeded out of probably 75%. After thinking about this a bit, I am not your normal person, which I am dang proud of, but here is why:
  • I live an hour and a half from the closest department-ish store and around 3 hours from the closest mall. There is a Wally world 30 minutes away, but I don't roll with that. I know most of you might say that Target is the same ding dang thing, but if you read the next bullet that's rare in itself and I have to draw the line some where for goodness sake.
  • Shopping and I don't get along very well. Because we live so far away, sometimes after a long while I think to myself ooo I could got to that store and check things out. Then, I go and I get completely overwhelmed and maybe kind of go into a trance-like state even going into Target.
  • We haven't had a tv for about a year and a half, which is EXCELLENT, but again not normal.
  • Trashing the celly in about a month when the contract is up.
  • Eating out is also something of a rarity because we live in a resort town. So, it's definitely a treat not an all the time deal and nooo chain eateries within a 30 mile radius.

So, that's it in a nutshell why I'm Abby Normal (amongst many other reasons)...

'Til next time, happy weekend...peace


Pam F. said...

I admire that whole no tv thing. I'm a total boob tube addict.

JessiePants said...

Well I appreciate that, butttt we still have our vice of watching movies on the we aren't totally in the clear : )