Thursday, June 9, 2011

Anyone Else But You

Random 3:

1. I am stoked to now be wearing these kick ace shoes. I'm easing myself into them and started with a short 4 miler on Tuesday. I am happy to report that they are now sufficiently muddy, as trail/fell shoes should be. I am saddened to report that my aspirations of being a foot model have been squashed at my blackened, half on/off toenails.

2. Yesterday, I was offered a new job and I've accepted! My stomach has been a wreck all week: first about having the interview, next about having the second interview, then about calling to hear yea or nay, about having to tell my current boss and finally about making sure the new person is trained. I am really excited about the new opportunity, but am such a sap and feel bad about leaving where I am at currently. Then to make me feel even worse, my boss said yesterday "I feel like I am losing my best friend." I've been thinking about this over and over again and am a bit bewildered that he would say such a thing, as yes I do know most everything there is to know about him, but he really knows next to nothing about me except the day to day exterior facade of JP. It actually makes me a bit sad on so many levels, sorry to be a downer.

3. On a fun note, Funderson, Uneeda and I are going on a Pagosa Springs Marmot ADVENTURE! weekend. They will be running the Turkey Tracks 1/2 trail marathon and I'll tearing it up at the full trail marathon. The race is sponsored by the local brewery, Pagosa Springs Brewing Company. So, it should be a great girlie weekend with an exciting report to follow.

Funderson and I have heard recently of a new fad of sending marmot photos to other people, so this is my gift to you all via her of what looks to be an angry yellow-bellied marmot.

Song of the day - The Moldy Peaches ~ Anyone Else But You

"We both have shiny fits of rage..."



Greg said...

Congrats on the new job and good luck on the race!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

Those shoes look so cool

Congrats on the new job

Have fun and good luck at the race

Ewa said...

These shoes look cool
Blackened toenail is the new fashion statement. You didn't know :)
Congrats on your new job. Now you can relax.
Have fun this weekend.
Marmots are evil, I think. They chew on radiator hoses of cars parked at trailheads.

The Green Girl said...

Congratulations on the new job! Whoo hoo!

I cannot wait to hear about your trail marathon - so excited for you!

P. said...

Give those marmots some hell this weekend!

JessiePants said...

Thanks all!
Those marmots are mine, man : )

sbrt said...

Nice shoes.

Good luck with your new job. It shows you are a nice person, feeling bad about leaving.

Trail race and a brewery tour?

Love the marmots

Simon Webb said...

Those are damn fine shoes. Wish I could get some in England.
Cool blog

JessiePants said...

Steve, thanks and the beer was good stuff. The coconut porter was particularly good.

Simon - If you let me know your size I'd buy you some and ship them to you, then you could pay me back...