Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Six Days

I got a little crazy and switched my long run to Sunday from my usual Saturday. I did a different portion of this Saturday's course that just opened up May 15th. I ran 3 hours and 15 minutes to the tune of about 13 miles. A good run and great to be out and feel good as I was under the weather for the better portion of last week. Instead of giving you the blow by blow, I'll share some of the crazy thoughts that bounce in and out of my head (sort of "Deep Thoughts with JessiePants," instead of Jack Handy) and then some photos:

* Will I make the cut-off this Saturday? Dang, I hope so...

* Cologne, perfume, make-up: Why put it on before you come out to run, hike, bike? If you do this, please don't be offended just help me to understand.

* New Castle - Why after liking it for so long does it now taste vile?

* If all of these tornadoes, extreme weather happenings are occurring now, what will the rest of the summer bring?

* I wonder what I ate to make my stomach a ticking time bomb for four days.

* Applying for jobs and getting turned down is really humbling. Will I ever find a new one?

* I'm no fashionista, but what's with the Mexican Pointy Boots...

* Is West Maroon Pass even going to be open for our girlie running weekend ADVENTURE! from CB to Aspen in July?

Sawtooth Trail - Do you see what I see?

Bunny Wabbatt

Bambi's Trail - Coming down

I was overjoyed to see buds on the bushes!


Song of the day - DJ Shadow featuring Mos Def ~ Six Days

DJ Shadow = master blender, digger "Tomorrow never comes until it's too late..."



Teamarcia said...

Haha! Mexican pointy boots! You're killing me.

The Green Girl said...

Those Mexican pointy boots were shocking.

Greg said...

I hope that you are feeling better. This summer's weather is going to be crazy! I used to be a huge fan of New Castle, but after I moved to Japan, I lost my taste for it as well. All of my English buddies kept taking the piss out of me for drinking it and may have played a factor in there as well. I don't always drink beer, but when I do . . . . I make it a . . . Asahi Super Dry . . . or a Red Stripe. HOORAY BEER!


William said...

With you on the job and New Castle. There was a guy at my gym the other day that I swear must have thrown on half a bottle of cologne. It was pretty epic and I was longing for the smell of sweat. I don't get it.

sbrt said...

Of course you will make the cut off. Even if you do wear pointy boots.

Have a good one!

JessiePants said...

Greg - Thanks : ) LOVE the Red Stripe commercial, made Shamus watch it and he cracked up. I'm more of a stout (no pun intended) or porter gal, but nothing beats a Red Stripe on a hot day. Asahi...I've had it once or twice and it is a goodie as well, although I usually have Sapporo.
Steve - Thanks, you are a peach!