Thursday, March 17, 2011

Star Of The County Down

Song of the day - Van Morrison & The Chieftains ~ Star of the County Down

Had a hard time choosing between this and "Tell Me Ma," but here you go and Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Random 3:

1. Saint Patrick's Day: Did you know? This day is generally met with attending church services, wearing green, and lifting of Lent restrictions associated with fasting and drinking (the important stuff). The color originally associated with St. Patrick was the color blue, but migrated to the color green especially shamrocks as he used it to explain the Holy Trinity to the pagan Irish. St. Patrick passed away on March 17, 461. There was a rebellion in 1798 in which the Irish soldiers wore green on this day so as to draw attention.

2. Another funny bit from me sister from a police reports section of the news: "Caller reports while hew as assisting growing marijuana at Trinity Pines Drive, a subject started to stalk him and at night he was charged at his camp. He saw a silhouette and fired his rifle several times, but it was too fast for him. He also says that his van was sabotaged and talked about people being killed and various suspicions and said he hadn't eaten in a few days, but had a PBJ and that things are getting clearer. Caller said he's not going back to the Pines, is going home to Weed."

3. LC with Cotter's Crunch posted these links as ways to start helping Japan:
*Angela from OhSheGlows is raffling off her GLOW BARS and a portion is going to Japan relief.
*MunchieMusings is having a charitable online bake sale in order to raise money/donations towards the Japan relief.



Lindsay and James Cotter said...

oh what a great song and I love all the link love!
Happy St. Pattys day!

funderson said...

Holy socks! I can swear and eat sweets today??

Adam said...

wait wait wait..... I don't have to follow my lent stuff today??? Can't type, must go research.

JessiePants said...

Now, now, I'm no Pope, buuuuttt that's the way I understand it...