Monday, February 21, 2011

Upping the mileage with photos

Last weekend was a 14 mile and this past weekend was a 16 mile and I took a couple of photos during the adventures:
The road behind me towards Red Lady

Snowshoe hare tracks

A little more than halfway through the 14
and a view of the Anthracites

The ultimate "shit sandwich," a driveway that hadn't been plowed along the run.
The berm was nearly as tall as I am

I liked this U-topped tree

Cynther almost to the top at Wildcat and hopefully no dog-cussing

Both good runs, last weekend it was mid 30's and I was running in a short-sleeved t shirt and the only bummer part was running on Kebler...crazy drivers and slick roads. Saturday, Cynther joined me for 10 of the 16, which was AWESOME and it was not as warm, but still a lovely day to be out. Especially considering that we woke up to 8 inches of snow yesterday with 30 mph gusts of wind!



Pam said...

I seriously don't see how in the hell y'all run in that.

Chris K said...

Howdy, thanks for stopping by and saying congrats and liking my new lime green Newtons. Unfortunately, it was too muddy/slippery and we didn't run trails. I am still a trail virgin. Seriously.

BTW, my latest post is an interview with an Ultra Trail Marathon legend, in case you are interested.

Crested Butte looks beautiful.

JessiePants said...

Pam - Sometimes I don't know either, luckily those were both GREAT days.

Chris K - Enjoy your blog and enjoy what you have to say. Can't wait for you to get out on the trails, it's truly bliss! I'll check out your newest post for sure.