Thursday, February 17, 2011

Random 3

Here goes:
1. This is what I felt like walking to do my errands today with 30-40 mph wind gusts, but at least I got out:

2. I was a bonehead and/or half asleep yesterday as I was walking down the stairs to let the dogs out and fell three quarters of the way down the stairs luckily landed on my bum, which is padded, but that also means that the gluteous maximus is SORE today! No photos, as I would scare away the few folks that visit this little site from time to time.

3. A little joke I heard: What’s a chiropractor’s pick-up line? What’s a joint like this doing in a nice girl like you.


1 comment:

funderson said...

OH GEEZ! I forgot about your butt!! So thoughtless.... I meant to ask you how it was and something has been tug-tug-tugging toward you all day, but alas...