Thursday, October 7, 2010

Dysfunctional Canine Family

Sooo, I think that I may be going bonkers and have in incling that it is due to dog sitting four extra crazies. Many have said we are too nice, I just don't know how I'd say no. My husband and I have not seen each other for more than an hour here and there for the last week and a half with a week and a half to go... So, I thought as an outlet I would introduce these critters that are causing my lunacy:

Public Enemy #1: Riley James, a.k.a Cupcake
Seriously, the biggest weinie of a dog that I've ever met. Does not like to go outside if it is rainy, windy or below 50 degrees and looks at you like you are abusing him if you make him go out in any of these conditions. Also, must follow you wherever you go and be straight under foot...remember folks that he's a great dane and he weighs roughly 110.

Public Enemy #2: Bosworth P. Humperdink, a.k.a. Baby Huey
Really loveable fella, but has gas that will knock your socks off ...I know I know it's easy to blame that on a dog, but not when you hear it like an alarm bell coming out his bum. He is not in a hurry to go anywhere, but is somewhwat enamored by ice. Has a head like a bear and it's questionable at times how much else is up there.

Public Enemy #3: Bean, a.k.a. The Enforcer
Also does not want to go out in rain, wind or temperatures below 50 degrees, but I am a bit more sympathetic as he only weights ~ 4 pounds...smaller than most cats I've met. He has an extreme disdain for Public Enemy #1 and has on several occasions now fully "went after" him, which leaves Cupcake wondering why the guinea pig attacked him. Bean is cute and cuddly, but has a strange habit of only eating when you tuck into bed for the night...?!?! Also, if he isn't hungry at that time he tries to bury his food for a later time...

Public Enemy #4: Willie, a.k.a. Old Man
Not pictured, but seriously no trouble at all because he stays outside all day with a bed in the garage and his idea of a fun walk is down the street about one hundred yards. He does seem to have a nervous colon from time to time and has left a present of diarrhea or two on the bathroom floor...sweet

Public Enemy #5: Natty, a.k.a. The Brat, Lady
A permanent Earley family member, but don't let her fool you by her sweet and innocentness...her name is The Brat. Public Enemy #3 has taken a serious liking to her, but she is not quite sure what to think of him as he weighs four pounds. PS. This photo is The Brat with extreme rage and annoyance that we would dare place something on her head.

Public Enemy #6: Bombadil, a.k.a. The Fat Man
Also a permanent member of the Early household and is the number one pot stirrer. He enjoys chewing on the arm of the couch, any and all of Public Enemy #5's legs and wearing a pink/yellow polka dot bikini.

Pheewww, I feel much better after venting there! It just makes me appreciate our quiet-ish little home and how happy I will be to have it back in just a short while.



Pam said...

That's so funny that a 4-lb rat will go after a 110-pound horse!

funderson said...

LORD have mercy...