Thursday, January 20, 2011

I Need a Dolla

Song of the day - Aloe Blacc ~ I Need a Dollar

Because we all do, it sounds like SUAR especially does.

Random 3 Things:

1. "Shit Sandwich" = my new favorite expression. Definition - if you look up each word in the dictionary it might leave question marks in your head. So, one of the buddies used it to describe what the town plows left at the end of a freshly snow blown drive; icy, snowy, chunky heaviness. Shamus and I think it's hilarious and have been using it also to describe what the plows leave at the end of our freshly hand shoveled drive, what the roof sheds in front of our freshly shoveled front door. I'm not much of a swearer unless having run more than 15 miles, but this is a fun one.
2. I had the most wonderful run last night. 4.5 miles with the dogs running in one set of tire tracks through about 3 inches of snow while it was dumping lightly and no wind. When the snow stopped, the moon was AWESOME last night and this morning!
3. After recently seeing a couple instances of this, having the dog(s) run beside or behind your car to "walk" them may just mean that in that instance you are lazy.



Pam said...

I've got a new fun one too! We went out with some friends a couple of weekends ago, and one of the girls said she was going to stick to beer because she didn't want to be putting on a shit show by the end of the night. haha I've heard of being shitfaced drunk, but I've never heard of being or putting on a shit show.

funderson said...

Love the good new swears. Uneeda looked up "douche canoe" in the urban dictionary yesterday and I can't even explain to you the new level of was awesome and then got to be too much even for me. :)

JessiePants said...

OK, I had to look it up now too and it does get a little out of control, buuuttt I did like the definition describing a vehicle (most likely luxury SUV) filled to capacity with a group or major douchebags...because let's face it that could be a description of some of the touristas when they are here, just sayin'

JessiePants said...

Pam, also like the "shit show" and hadn't heard that one either, but may now borrow it.