Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Sounds of Summer

Yesterday after a stellar relaxing run, I laid on our deck in the sun for a bit and these were the things that I took in while I shut my eyes:
  • The rustling of the wind blowing through the grass;
  • The squeals and laughter of happy children;
  • The creaking of an old townie fender as it rode by;
  • The smells of freshly baked french bread wafting from the inside of my house;
  • The barking of happy dogs all around Riverbend and as they passed by on the Rec path;
  • The zipping of a humming bird as they went to and fro;
  • The burning charcoal and cooking of varied fares on the grills about; and
  • The chirping of birds.
The sounds of summer and complete bliss...

More about the 25K later and peace ...


Pam said...

Sometimes the most beautiful stuff is the stuff you don't even see with your eyes. :)

Tiffany said...

Our garage is not attached to our house and there is some type of wire (electric or phone cable) going to the garage. Under the overhang of the roof a hummingbird made a nest on the wire!

JessiePants said...

They are so fascinating and can't believe how fast they move! Are you signed up for any races lady?